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  • These work great! Using them on our boat. One clipped on the dash and another on the bimini. Horseflies that fly in, take one look, and then fly out right away. I don't think I have seen one land.


  • As strange as this product sounds, it does work. Cutting the grass on the lawn tractor is a magnate for dear flies, but clipping this to my hat certainly helped. I would definitely recommend this product if you live in an area with infestation.

    John L.

  • They really work. Tried mine the other day. When we first arrived at our family property (surrounded by lots of bush and swamp.). My truck had lots of those shit head dear flies waiting to munch on us. As soon as I got out of the truck with the dragon fly bouncing around on my hat?? Presto they were gone. Not one bite. It was like they just vanished. We spotted another black and white dragon fly. It seemed interested and followed us around the property I thought this is great this thing attracts more dragon flies. Which equaled zero other nuisance bugs. Thanks for this simple yet effective invention. Love this will be buying more. Did its job. We used it on the dog.

    Elizabeth Cooper

  • Gabriella and Mike, this is amazing! It works!!!!! It's easy to use and well worth the purchase! A friend of ours bought two of them as he is a fisherman and he could not stop talking about how effective it was! Great job you two


  • Arrived on time and in perfect condition. Gave these as stocking stuffers!

    Best product on the market.

    G. Albisser

  • Works well when I am cutting the grass on a lawn tractor.

    John Landers